Thursday, November 22, 2012

10 Nov 12


Let's country rock, blogspot readers! SouthSide's kicking up her heels tonight in the West Loop area for some hardcore country/Americana rock during this latest adventure around town. Tonight, she paid a visit to Cobra Lounge to review the return of Catl (from Toronto, Canada) along with The Not So Good Ol' Boys (from Cleveland, OH), Hammerdown and Rivals of the Peacemaker as the featured lineup of the night. This reviewer highly suggests grinding your teeth into some of the grittiest electric country rock ever heard around town by The Not So Good Ol' Boys. This band definitely rocked the stage as one of the loudest performances ever reviewed of 2012 to which SouthSide enjoyed the raw yet emotionally deep vocals heard Hard Road and Darker Than The Devil (off their myspace page). This band's blood truly runs deep with the Southern rock sound that can be heard in other bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Johnny Cash, Creedence Clearwater Revival and more to which they draw some influences from their mentors' music and sound. SouthSide got chills from front man Zac on vocals when his voice vividly pumped heartfelt as well as emotional angst on the lyrics (listen to Nashville and Hard Road as good examples). For more information, visit

From Toronto, Canada, this rockin' trio gave their Chicago audience a return performance featuring a boisterous sound and thunderous pockets of energy within their nostalgic homage to early rock-n-roll. Combined with a backwater blues/punk/Americana vibe, Catl, blogspot readers, thrilled this reviewer with some exhilarating yet raw vocal falsetto (from male lead Catl himself) and emotional yet soulful feminine voice (from Sarah on piano/organ/tambourine too) as well as Johnny (on drums) adding that rump-shaking, foot-stompin' sound to each song. Under this cloud of this rhythmic music, you could hear (besides feeling it) the fire and passion especially within the band's the pseudo gospel tune titled Gospel Song. Then while picking up the tempo a bit for 5 Miles (track two on Catl's Soon This Will All Be Gone Side B), South Side couldn't help feel hot energized momentum surrounding the venue as the trio released a fury of clashing percussions and vibrant organ  amidst the rockabilly/country rock mesh. Hearing such music, blogspot readers, does tend to get the blood pumping when listening to the intense sound though the melodic organ rhythms gave that same intensity a defining balance for you to tap the toes to. The rest of Catl's Chicago performance also featured a swingin' dance full of a swampy blues/rock tune for Gotta A Thing For You (track 4 on Side A of their current CD that will definitely make you shake, rattle and roll) to a sultry little number where SouthSide enjoyed the gradual build up during the lyrics before rockin' out the stage with thunderous conclusion that rocked out Catl's show. Check out Catl, blogspot readers, for this band's bumpin' grind of Americana/rockabilly music at their next performance. For more information, visit

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